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Project Description
Sparqube Picture Column Lite is simple component for uploading and displaying images in SharePoint 2010 lists. With this component you can easily attach images to SharePoint list items in a matter of several clicks.
Sparqube Picture Column Lite in action

  • Supports all editions of SharePoint 2010
  • Upload images from local or network disk
  • Supports any SharePoint list type
  • Linking of images to list item and automatic managing its physical location
  • Easy deployment process using Setup
Please note, that Sparqube Picture Column Lite is free open-source counterpart of commercial product Sparqube Picture Column which is available for download on Sparqube Picture Column web site.

Most outstanding features of Sparqube Picture Column which are not present in Lite version:
  • Automatic image resizing on upload
  • Multiple images per list item
  • List view thumbnail generation
  • Optional text description
  • Setting image size in list view and item display form
  • Automatic image format conversion on upload (TIFF, BMP to JPEG, PNG)
  • Filtering by file extensions
  • Integrated jQuery lightbox for pleasant user interface experience
  • jQuery carousel similar to picture slideshow
  • Multiple languages support
  • Advanced internal image location and lifetime management
You can check full feature comparison chart on product web page.

Installation instructions
Download self-extracting installation package available at Downloads page and run it as Administrator on your SharePoint system. This will extract all the necessary files to temporary directory, run setup bootstrapper and deploy Sparqube.SharePoint.PictureColumn.Lite.wsp solution to SharePoint farm.
As an alternative, WSP package can be built from the source code and installed manually.

Usage instructions
Before setting up Picture Column Lite it is necessary to define picture files storage. This can be any existing document library or its folder, or new document library can be created. To add pictures to SharePoint list open list settings and create Sparqube Picture Lite column. Set its name and storage document library defined earlier. Maximum dimensions of image preview in list view can also be set. Setting only one dimension will preserve scaled picture aspect ratio.
Picture Lite Settings

After the column is set, we can add pictures to list items while adding items or editing existing ones.

New item form with Sparqube Picture Lite - adding new picture

Click Upload Picture link in item edit form to add picture to list item. Simply browse your computer's folders for desired image file, select it, and it will be automatically uploaded and linked to list item.

New item form with Sparqube Picture Lite - item with uploaded picture is ready to save

To replace picture with another one, click Upload Picture and upload different image file. To remove picture simply click Remove.

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Sparqube – next generation of components and add-ons for SharePoint® 2010.

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